Dear Consumer,

  • We as an independent supplier, we provide to our clients flexible system of discounts.
  • For each Client we calculate a personal price, which depends on the technological process of production and the terms of payment.
  • We provide our customers the possibility of flexible payment schedule without full prepayment.
  • Our Clients consume electricity in the right amounts, at the same time without paying any penalties for exceeding the volumes of electricity consumed. Within the technical specifications – there is no capacity limit. Besides, the declared consumption can be quickly changed during the current month.
  • We provide our Customers with access to a personal account through which consumption is monitored (and financial expenses) and our further interaction.
  • Our company strives to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible, so we take the main part of the work on document management, including the preparation of all necessary financial documents, including reporting.
  • We provide free consultations, including additional services; we carry out the development and implementation of AECMS systems, as well as their further servicing.
  • We are always ready to hear your wishes for improvement and optimization of our cooperation.


In the case there are any questions, you can contact an informational-consulting center, by sending an e-mail to: office117@stels.com.ua/
Or call a technical department via a free call-center line of the company +380 99 444-05-44

Laws of Ukraine:
  1. Law of Ukraine «On electric power industry»
  2. Law of Ukraine «On the appeal of citizens»
  3. Law of Ukraine «On licensing the types of economic activity»
  4. Law of Ukraine «On the National commission for state regulation in the field of energy and utilities»
  5. Law of Ukraine «On the peculiarities of access to information in the areas of supply of electricity, natural gas, heat supply, centralized supply of hot water, centralized water supply and water disposal»
  6. Law of Ukraine «On public procurement»
  7. Law of Ukraine «On electricity market»
Codes and Rules:
  1. Electricity metering code
  2. Distribution system code
  3. Transmission system code
  4. Licensing conditions for the implementation of the economic supply of electricity to the consumer
  5. Licensing conditions for the implementation of economic activities on the supply of electricity
  6. The procedure for ensuring quality standards for the provision of electricity services
  7. Decision of the NERC of Ukraine of December 20, 2001 No. 1241 «On tariffs differentiated by periods of time»
  8. Decision of the NERC of Ukraine of April 23, 2012 No. 498 «On approval of the Procedure for applying electricity tariffs»
  9. The rules of the day-ahead market and the intraday market
  10. On approval of the Market rules
  11. Rules of retail electricity market
Safety of the electric power supply:
  1. Rules of safe operation of electrical installations of consumers
  2. Rules of technical operation of electrical installations of consumers
  1. Electricity supply Contract (Download .pdf)
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